A Family History

The history of our Company is the story of our family.
The Ferretto family is an Italian family original from Cerea, located South of Verona, became famous in the middle of the past Century, and still famous, for the Art and Style furnitures.
An extraordinary texture of artisans and small entrepreneurs that, for more then 50 years, brought their furnitures around the world, before that the Made in Italy quality and style became famous and appreciated in every continent.
In this contest, during the 60’s economic boom and with the success that the furniture makers from Verona were having around the world, my father, Sante Ferretto, capable artisan in the metal working, became a succesfull entrepreuer, creating, in 1963, his first company specialized in hardware and furniture components.

In few years, with passion and experience, he created the success of his Company, becoming a leader in components for Art furnitures in the Cerea productive district: handles, knobs, selvages and keys created with art by my father and his capable team, started to be appreciated for the quality of the materials and the cure in the finishing by a clientel everyday wider in Italy and abrad.

In 1978, the brand Euro-Fer was registered, and all the productive processes were completed. An efficient stock and distribuzione logistic service was created. The success in the market was immediate, and it allowed him to further invest in machineries and tecnical quality. The contant dialog with furniture designers and the strong relationdhip with foreign customers, allowed us to grow and implement our production of modern and contemporary furnitures, specializing in the production of handles.

The remaning part of the story is recent: a story of success and satisfactions that increased the fame and trust in our Company, and in our family that, working with passion and commitment side by side with my father and special artisans, tought us their precious art.

Nowdays, my sister Marisa and Cinzia and my self, run the entire productive cycle, along with excellence young staff members, that allow us to be’ the reference point in the sector in an international scale.

A lot of things have changed: in technology, in quality, design and range of offers, but some of the things that have not changed are the passion and the attention that we give to every single piece. This special passion is visible in our products, so much that our Clients in Italy and abroad named one of our handles “one of Ferretto handles”, like for the products were you can distinctively can recognize the style.

These are the reasons why we decided to present you in this General Catalogue our new brand, that could not be different from our name, an identity of product that fits the identity of the Italian family.

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