Dialogue and development

Us of the Ferretto Company, play particular attention to our finished product, just like a proud artisan can do. All our products are cleaned and polished with particular care, packaged and storaged with the best materials to protect and carry them in their, sometimes very long, journeys.
Our logistics management is fast and efficient in handling in a timely matter any type of supply. With a large selection of stock products, we can answer to almost any need, even if we nave to fight against time.

Ferretto Handles can count on a professional commercial and marketing strategy, followed with enthusiasm and passion by the Company and the professional staff, expertise in furnishing.
Our commercial Department is always in contact with the clients and operators worldwide, we are present in all the major trade exhibitions and our management is there to assist you, with the knowhow and ready to give you samples of the products, even on the other side of the world.

Our staff counts also in the support of the Accounting Department, accurate and timely, always ready to respond to the Client’s needs and assist him in every Accounting and order detail.

Our structure is young, easy and frendly and puts all the energy into its job. We pationally follow the communication with our Clients, operators and friendster through the web. We always loved to know what people think about our product with the curiosity of somebody that serves something that he just cooked.

Ferretto Handles s.r.l. pays particular attention to the finished product, as only a craftsman is able to do.

All our products are perfectly finished and polished; stored and packaged with extreme care and with the best materials to protect them on every journey and guarantee their conditions at the time of delivery. A precise and efficient logistics guarantees the supply in a short time; thanks to a huge range of products available in stock we are always ready to satisfy any request… even when it is a challenge against time.

Ferretto Handles s.r.l. can count on a professional commercial strategy followed with dynamism and passion by a staff of professionals with a high level of experience both in the Marketing and in the furniture sector; This is also flanked by the Administrative Area, which assists the Customer with precision and professionalism in the management and accounting of the order, and a Sales Manager for purchase advice and supply of samples.

It is a young structure but dedicated to its work. Interested in opinions and criticisms, which allow us to grow and develop continuously, we passionately follow the communication with our customers, operators and friends both directly and via the web; for this reason we are present online with our site and on the main professional and social networks. To complete all this, a newsletter service is active that allows us to inform you of all the news but above all of new products born from the creativity of our designers and the inspiration of our craftsmen.

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