Arte of Metal

Unique and special items

The metal is decidedly our natural element. We know perfectly the matter that we have learned to work and turn in a unique, special object.

With the exception of art castings in silver – pewter or brass all our production is exclusively made of Zamak, a zinc alloy combined with small amounts of aluminum, magnesium and copper.

he processing is done for pressure die, the most popular method of processing of this alloy for the realization of accessories and components. Zamak hot-forming allows to obtain extremely accurate parts with complex shapes ensuring an excellent quality. Durability, hardness and ductility make zamak an extremely versatile material, perfectly suitable for surface finishing (machining, diamonded process, metal polishing, galvanic treatments, etc.).

Ferretto Handles runs the entire manufacturing process from the design and construction of molds, pressing hot runner, metal cleaning and polishing, galvanized finishes such as chrome, nickel and copper, and special paint finishes and antiquing processes entirely hand made.

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